1910 Historic Postcard

What a gem! Gail Brooks’ friend shared an original historic postcard, marked October 11, 1910, which was sent by Nettie Bowman Halley in Baker City to Jimmie G. Corpe in Cove.

historic postcard dated 1910 written to jimmie corpy

Baker City, Oreg.
Oct. 11, 1910

Will answer your card I received Sat.  I will not send you another pretty card like I did before. Ha! How are you getting along studying isn’t it hard on you it is on me. Ha! Mamma and papa were over yesterday and Arthur. Do you ever hear from Effie. She never writes any more.  Ans Soon Nettie

After a good deal of digging, Gail found a little info on the people mentioned in the message, as well as Jimmie’s and Nettie’s families.

Jimmie Corpe/James G. Corpe
6 Apr 1893 – 17 Jul 1914
Burial in Cove Cemetery

    • Father:  George E. Corpe 1860-1933
      Had water rights to Mill Creek
      Bought sanitarium in Ontario
      Burial in Cove Cemetery
    • Mother: Mary Elizabeth (Harsin) Corpe 1863-1896.
      Harsin family in Baker City
    • Jimmie’s siblings:
      Frederick William Corpe
      Edith M. Corpe
      Martha M. Corpe
      Effie M. Corpe
      Harvey A. Corpe

Nettie Bowman Halley

    • Papa: George Lewis Bowman 1863-1938
    • Mamma: Hulda B. (Harsin) Bowman 1872-1961
    • Siblings:
      Arthur A. Bowman 1905-1986

Thank you, Gail, for sharing this treasure with the community.

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