Cherry Fair Sponsors

Share the Love

Be sure to show our sponsors your love by supporting them. They’re working hard to make Cove a great place to live and visit, and to make the Cherry Fair the best, old-fashioned festival around.

Individuals & Families

Bob & Linda Meyers
Mel & Sandy Haeger
The Wadner Family

Show Your Love

As a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, the Cove Community Association relies on the generosity of our sponsor family. Thanks to their support, we’re able to provide Cove with experiences that make the Cove Cherry Fair so special.

Please consider sponsoring the Cherry Fair with a cash or in-kind contribution. We greatly value every gift of time, effort, supplies, or funds. Thanks for all the love.

Sponsor the Annual Cove Cherry Fair

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In-kind and Entertainment sponsorships:

  • ✓ Cherry Pies (15)
  • Cherries (2 lbs)
  • Music Groups/Stage (2 left @ $250)
  • Relay supplies ($20 value)
  • Award Medals ($75 value)
  • ✓ Hot Air Balloon ($1-$1,000)
  • Fairy wings ($1 – $40 value)
  • Decorations ($1 – $50 value)
  • Gift Cards/Certificates ($1 and up)
  • Crowns ($25 value)
  • Radio advertising ($300 value)
Contact Sandy Haeger for details, questions, or custom gift options. Cell: 916-342-0730

Hard copy form available on request.