Cherry Fair Vendors


Do you have goods, goodies, or services you’d like to sell or promote at the 20th Annual Cove Cherry Fair?

Please review the 2019 Cherry Fair Vendor and Venue Info (pdf) and click the button below to register. 

Vendor Sign-Up

Our online registration form lets you pay by check (mail-in), credit/debit card, or PayPal.

Want a printed form mailed to you? Contact Cindy at 541-805-8563.

Confirmed Vendors


  1. Side A Brewing — Beer Garden, food fare TBD

Artisans, Products, Promotions

  1. Coral Rose — Handcrafted home goods
  2. Cove Honey — Honey and products from the hive
  3. Folly Farm — Gourmet garlic
  4. Jeanie Zebrak — Handcrafted Jewelry and Original Paintings
  5. LuLaRoe Heather Torres — LuLaRoe clothing
  6. Ponderosa Studios– Original Art
  7. Paparazzi Accessories — Jewelry of all types
  8. Something for EveryBODY — Oat almond milk soaps, bath bombs, and more

Last-minute Registrations

Two very important points for procrastinators:

  1. Snail mail takes up to 10 days to deliver mail to Cove, so anything mailed after the 8th may not make it in time.
  2. VENDOR FEES must be processed BEFORE Cherry Fair day, August 19th. We are unable to process vendor space fees at the Cherry Fair.

If you are running a little (or a lot) late, please call Cindy at (541) 805-8563.


Setting Up

Set up and Tips (PDF)

  • We will send out assigned vendor space(s) 3 days before Cherry Fair day.
  • Spaces will marked and ready for set-up by noon on Friday before the Cherry Fair.
  • You may set up your booth on Friday.*
  • Drive-on fairground entrances and exits:
    – Next to Founders Hall near the corner of Hwy 237 and Church Street.
    – Cove Sportsman Club on Hwy 237 west of Ascension School.
  • Assigned spaces and space numbers are painted on the ground.
  • Cherry Fair volunteers will be available to help with space locations. Ask for Cindy.
  • All vendors must be set up and ready to vend by 8am.
  • All vendor vehicles must be parked and stationary by 8am.
  • Vendor parking on the south lawn near Hwy 237 is free, and limited to one (1) vehicle per vendor.
  • Keep “no parking” spaces free from obstruction.

Tips for Success

Set up and Tips (PDF)

  • Sign up early to get the best spaces and best chance for having special requests met.
  • If signing up within one week of fair day, call Cindy at 541-805-8563.
  • Keep a copy of your Vendor/Venue Information and Registration Form.
  • First time vending? Do a practice set-up at home to make sure you have all of the equipment and supplies you need to be productive and comfortable for an 8-hour day.
  • Shade is limited, so bring a canopy to keep yourself and your goods cool and comfy.
  • Bring a chair. Eight hours is a full day, and your feet and knees need a break now and then.
  • Need power? Bring your own power strip and long extension cord.
  • Keep your products and the vendor area clean. Consider bringing a small waste basket, and wet wipes or paper towels.
  • You may leave your things overnight if you set up on Friday. Protect your products from the weather and make sure your belongings are reasonably secure.*
  • Bring plenty of extra change. There are no banks or ATMs in Cove.
  • Accept multiple types of currency (cash, check, and credit/debit) if possible.
  • Make sure you have someone to fill in while you take a break now and then.
  • Most important: Have fun with a lot of great people!

*Cherry Fair, Cove Community Association, and Ascension School Camp & Conference Center are not responsible for the loss or theft of any items left unattended. Thankfully, Cove is a pretty safe place and honest community.