Cherry Fair: August 17, 2019

20th Annual
Cove Cherry Fair

Cove Ascension School Camp & Conference Center

Cove Cherry Fair starts in...








Vendor Registration

Crafters, Clubs, & Foodies

We welcome all sorts of artisans, crafters, entrepreneurs, community clubs, and food fares to sell their goods and services at the Cherry Fair.

Sign up now, let us know what your preferences are, and we’ll get you on the roster. Questions? Contact Cindy by email or phone 541-805-8563.

Hard copy form available on request.


Riders, drivers, walkers, and all kinds of crazy commuters are welcome to show off their critters, contraptions, and talents in the Cove Cherry Fair parade.

Click the button to join the parade or to register your kids for the Cherry Fairy Float.

If you have questions about signing up or parade logistics on fair day, please contact Timur by email or phone 541-701-1606.

Hard copy sign-up form available on request.


Parade Signups

Entertainment Application

Music, Fun & Games

We welcome all sorts of family-and kid-friendly games and activities to make the Cherry Fair fun for everyone.

Got music? Contact Mike by email or phone 541-805-9777. 

Other ideas? Contact Cindy by email or phone 541-805-8563.

Hard copy proposal form available on request.


As an all-volunteer event, the Cherry Fair depends on generous gifts of time, space, supplies, and talent to create a family-friendly day full of festivities for everyone from age 1 to 100 (or more).

To learn more, please contact Sandy by email or phone 541-805-0624 or click the Sponsor Gifts button.

Hard copy sign-up form available on request.


Sponsor Gifts