Cove Cemetery

Cemetery Board:

    • Judy Snyder, President
    • Darcy Carreiro, Treasurer – 541-786-2977
    • Andrea Asmussen, Secretary

Contact: Andrea Asmussen, 541-805-4567 or

Cemetery History

The Cove Cemetery, located on the hills south of Cove, overlooks the Grande Ronde Valley and the surrounding Blue and Wallowa Mountains. The earliest stone in this beautiful and historic cemetery is dated 1864, marking the grave of Selena Grace Hendershot — the young daughter of a Cove pioneer.

For many years after Selena’s burial, Cove residents continued to use the site to bury family members and friends. In its early days of existence, the cemetery was enclosed by a rail fence and was called the Rose Ridge Cemetery. A hack was purchased to transport those to be buried up the steep and muddy road.

In 1883, property owners James and Ellen Bloom donated the land to the newly formed cemetery board. The cemetery operated from the sale of grave plots and local fundraising efforts, especially Memorial Day dinners which brought many former residents to Cove on that day.

In 1949, the Cove Cemetery Maintenance District was formed to operate the cemetery using tax support to carry out this responsibility. Over the years, numerous improvements have been made to the cemetery including: acquisition of additional land, improved roads, increased maintenance, installation of stone benches throughout the grounds, an underground irrigation system, and construction of a decorative metal fence and gates at the entrance.


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