Natural Foods Co-op

The Cove Natural Foods Co-op is a buying cooperative for anyone living in and around Cove who is interested in wholesome foods and Earth-friendly products at a good price.

We purchase the same products you typically find at local natural food stores, and Azure Standard is an excellent resource for bulk dry goods and supplements.

How it works

  • Cost to join is $0. What a bargain!
  • Members order goods from Azure Standard online before the cutoff date and time.
      • Individual order minimum = $50 (split/share small orders to avoid a $5 fee)
      • Co-op total order minimum = $550 (we surpass the minimum every month)
      • Pay online when you place your order.

Anchor Drop Info

  • Drop Name: Cove Natural Foods Co-op
  • Drop ID: 27891
  • Drop Coordinator: Cindy Edwards, 541-805-8563
  • Your order pick-up location: Folly Farm at 67364 Squire Loop
  • Tip: Call Azure Standard to join. It’s nearly impossible to find our anchor drop on their map.

More information

Send email to Folly Farm, or call Cindy at (541) 805-8563.