Natural Foods Co-op

The Cove Natural Foods Co-op is a buying cooperative for anyone living in and around Cove who is interested in wholesome foods and Earth-friendly products at a good price. We purchase the same products you typically find at local natural food stores.

How it works

  • Cost to join is $0. What a bargain!
  • Members order goods from Azure Standard online before the cutoff date and time.
      • Individual order minimum = $50 (split/share small orders to avoid a $5 fee)
      • Co-op total order minimum = $550 (we surpass the minimum every month)
      • Pay online when you place your order.

Anchor Drop Info

  • Drop Name: Cove Natural Foods Co-op
  • Drop ID: 27891
  • Drop Coordinator: Cindy Edwards, 541-805-8563
  • Your order pick-up location: Folly Farm at 67364 Squire Loop
  • Tip: Call Azure Standard to join. It’s nearly impossible to find our anchor drop on their map.

Want more info?

Send email to Folly Farm, or call Cindy at (541) 805-8563.