Historic Hendershott Home

Cove’s historic neo-gothic Hendershott Home has a rich history.┬áJames Hendershott, who came to Oregon by wagon train in 1852, was joined by his wife, Harriett Jane, and daughters in 1857. James set up an inn at Hendershott Point, and raised fruits and vegetables for the mines. After selling the inn and its surrounding property, James set up a farmstead in Cove. In 1877, he built the home we now see at the southwestern edge of Cove, what he affectionately called Forrest Home. More recently, this beautiful home was locally known as the Hill Farm, for Burton and Ilene Hill who purchased the farm in 1945 to raise their family.

Today, the Gaston family owns and occupies the Hendershott Home, and plans to convert the original barn into a feed supply store.


Circa 1880-1890. James and Harriett visit with daughter Minerva. Molly Bonn on horseback.

Brief History of Hendershott-Hill Home

61502 Union-Cove Hwy 237
Cove, Oregon 97824