Recycling Center

The City of Cove has a recycling center on the corner of Alder and Church next to City Hall. Trailer receptacles at the recycling center are labeled with the types of materials to put in each, and the acceptable recyclables are listed below.

Recycling reduces the amount of materials sent to the landfill, and the footprint we leave on our natural resources. Please place only approved recyclables in the containers, and remember: dumping of non-recyclable materials is illegal.



Not Acceptable

Mixed Paper (loose) Mail, computer paper, cereal boxes (without liners), shoe boxes, NCR paper, white ledger, phone books, colored ledger, manila file folders, windowed envelopes, paper egg cartons Waxed papers, paper towel and toilet paper cores, carbon paper, plastic coated paper, paper towels or tissue, ream wrappers, waxed cartons
Necked plastic bottles (contents rinsed out) All plastic bottles, labeled with code 1 thru 7 (example) With a neck smaller than the base Lids, caps, and spray pumps, motor oil, milk jugs
Milk jugs (washed & lids removed) Milk, juice, distilled water jugs Caps or lids and absolutely no other plastic
Corrugated boxes (flattened) Corrugated boxes, paper grocery bags Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper towel and toilet paper cores
Newspaper (loose) Newspaper
Magazines (loose) Catalogs and all slick papers
Cans (label removed) Steel cans Bimetal (paper and tin)
Aluminum (washed) Beverage cans*, foil, TV dinner trays, cooking pots and pans. Foil/plastic laminates (potato chip bags)
Glass containers* (washed, labels & lids OK) Soda, beer, juice, catsup, wine, food Light bulbs, window glass, ceramic, pyrex, cooking ware

* We encourage you to donate cans marked with OR to Cove School’s Philly Trip fundraiser. Can’t find the drop-off trailer? Ask your neighbor or a passerby. Someone is sure to know where it is this week.